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A beautiful smile is the most eye-catching feature on your face. It requires the work of dental professionals from various specialties. Creating the perfect smile may involve a combination of therapeutic, periodontal, orthodontic, surgical, implantological, prosthetic and whitening treatments.

Paolo Schiavi, MD, is a dentist with international practice, born in 1959 in Piacenza, Italy.

His first diploma was for assistant dental technician, obtained in 1987 in Bergamo, Italy, and in 1990 he earned a clinical d

ental technician qualification in Reggio Emilia, Italy. In 1995 he graduated from the university in Belgrade, Serbia, with a degree in dentistry.

Dr Schiavi has attended numerous international courses, including in Implantology, Periodontology, Ceramics and Prosthodontics (fixed, removable and skeletal dentures), and constantly updates his knowledge and applies innovative methods in the field of rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine.

In the last 23 years he has undertaken numerous business and study trips, during which he practiced dentistry at various public and private health facilities.

Dr. Paolo Schiavi has practiced at a public health center and at private clinics in Ecuador. He has attended courses led by Prof. Eghita at the University of Riga, Latvia, and worked with prof. Peter Mordea in Poland on oral surgery and implantology. He has also practiced in the Favelas of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dr Paolo Schiavi is the Director of OMNIDENTAL ITALY in Piacenza and of OMNIDENTAL BULGARIA in Plovdiv.

He has attended a wide range of training and upgrading courses in different parts of the world, and has also specialized in Reiki and reflexology.       

Vanya Ivanova was born in 1992 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
She completed her primary education in Pesaro, Italy and continued her studies at the Dental Technician College in the same city. This five-year course earned her a dental assistant degree. In 2013 she graduated from the faculty of dental technology in Pesaro with a Bachelor’s degree. Mrs. Ivanova began her professional practice at a dental clinic in Rimini. At the same time she obtained a postgraduate qualification for dental assistant in San Marino. She has worked for elite clinics in Forli, Gambettola and Cattolica and continued to enhance her knowledge and skills by attending various courses and workshops.



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